Change~ This word has been on my mind a lot lately.
Mostly I don't like change. I like the constant.
Well, sometimes change is not only good, it's completely necessary.
Did I tell you I started Weight Watchers?
Let me back up.
I started out the year doing Atkins. I had done it before and felt I could do it again. Well, I did it for a few weeks and lost 15LBS. However, I hated the things I was eating, and although I was losing weight I didn't feel healthy. That's when I decided to "weigh" my options, and made the switch. So, far I really love it. I have also started walking. 2 times a day when I can manage it. My favorite time is in the morning. The world seems so still. Let me tell you it is not only a time for body excercise but, mind too! Change, it's a good thing!

One thing I have noticed is that I cannot keep everything in my life running at top speed. My scrapping has really slowed down from lasts months marathon pace (almost 50 pages). I did manage to get one page done yesterday.

Sorry, for the crappy pic. I was actually holding Hailey at the time. I just couldn't get the glare to not be there. Anyway, thought I had better get her 4 month page finished since she will be 5 months in 6 days! LOL!

Ok, I better scoot. Have a fabulous day all!

Peace, love, & fat free popcorn~


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Thanks for the tag Monica! Ok, here goes

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E~ Eclectic

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Have a Fabulous Friday!


So, I got the coolest thing in the mail today! I am participating in Designing With 2008 challenge on 2 peas in a bucket. I won Pat's challenge for January. Well, I got my prize from her today. What can I say? WOW! It's huge! Like having a scrapbook store delivered right to my door. So, thank you so much Pat! You ROCK!

Yes, it is so much loot that I had to take 3 pictures to show it all to you.

Ok, now I gotta go play!


My scraps~

This has been a productive scrapbooking month. So far I have completed 27 12x12's and a 20 page 6x6 baby album for a friend. It could have something to do with all of the challenges I am participating in right now. It's kinda crazy really, but fun. I think I'll share a few with you. I mean we need pictures right!



So, the new year is finally here. The holidays are over. Have you gotten back into the swing of things? I have to admit that I still have twinkle lights up around my living room. They are just so pretty, I don't want to take them down.
I have myself a steaming mug of HOT coffee. My sister will be here soon with my niece. I am watching her today. I only mention it because it'll be slightly crazy. Me, 3 toddlers, and an infant. It's all good though!

I have been scrapping a lot this year. 16 12x12 pages and a 20 page 6x6 album (baby gift). Not bad really! My goal for this year is 200 pages but, really it's just to create something everyday. I am currently in like 6 or 7 different challenges over on 2Peas. I like the challenge of combining challenges in my pages. It keeps things interesting and helps me stretch my creative muscles. Always a good thing I think! I am still hosting the Life Artist challenges on 2Peas based on Ali Edward's book. If you haven't checked it out you should. For the next 3 week I will be giving away prizes. I'll add a link at the end of this post. It sounds like the little ones are stirring. Must mean it's time to make breakfast. Have a good one~